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Taken By My Billionaire Boss

I never planned on giving my V-card to a gorgeous stranger I met at a nightclub.

But I loved every minute of it.

A chance to be the seductress, not just Amber, the plain-Jane preacher's daughter.

I didn’t expect to see him again, let alone sitting at the head of the boardroom table.

It turns out the man I’d spent one sizzling night with was Lucas Mannix, elusive billionaire, and now my new boss.

He doesn’t recognize me as Amber, because he knew me as Cindy, my social media alter-ego.

So I’m trying to avoid him at all costs and praying he doesn’t see through my disguise.

The chemistry between us sparks a wildfire neither of us can control.

But it’s forbidden and an office scandal is the last thing we need.

Then there’s the ancient artifact I stole from him that might expose everything.

Because Lucas has his secrets too.

There are others who will do anything to recover that relic.

As danger edges closer and my dual lives collide, only Lucas can save me.

Now, it's not only our secrets at stake, but also our hearts.

And when all is revealed, we could lose everything.

A Word From The Author

Welcome to my site!

I can’t tell you how much I love creating stories that set hearts ablaze! My contemporary romance novels involve irresistible love stories that offer passion, excitement and a healthy dose of steam!

It gives me great joy to provide such pleasurable escapes to you, my readers. If you’re looking for a quick, steamy read or a full-length novel that will keep you turning pages late into the night … I’ve got you covered! Enjoy!

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Goldie Lane

Contemporary Romance Author

I loved this book. The author draws you in from the first chapter and keeps you involved throughout the book. Wyatt and Nina are easy to love and root for. The relationships between Wyatt, Nina and Mya are the stuff of dreams. This was a very good book.


Reviewed on Amazon

Brilliant book which I totally loved and would highly recommend. Marcus and Ana come from families that have been feuding for years but can’t help being attracted to one another. Can they convince their families that they care for each other or will they be torn apart?

Shirley N.​

Reviewed on Amazon

This book…. Oh, the things to say about this book. Great characters. Amazingly addictive interactions. Plot twists and jaw dropping moments. And, wouldn’t be complete without those “spicy-type” scenes we all love. Definitely worth the read!


Reviewed on Amazon

The characters are believable, determined and have great backstories. Loved their families and all the intricate personalities involved, even the military buddy. The storyline keeps you hooked from the start with drama, danger, secrets, surprises, steam, big decisions, reconciliation, bad guys, lots of guns at the airport and much more. Loved the chemistry and especially the ending.


Reviewed on Amazon

What Readers Are Saying

Thank you for your heartfelt reviews! I am so grateful and hope you continue to enjoy reading my books!

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- Goldie

Mine To Protect​

My career as a reporter was pretty boring until I decided to investigate the GOLIATH syndicate. Now, I don’t know how to get out of this mess … much less survive.

Then I bump into my estranged best friend Aiden on the street. Breathless, I look up into his incredibly handsome face and completely forget the trouble I’m in.

After hearing about my dangerous situation, he swears to protect me. So, we go undercover pretending to be husband and wife while hiding out from an assassin.

The forced proximity ignites our insatiable desires, quickly taking our relationship from best friends to lovers. Our only hope of getting out of this alive is to outmaneuver the very syndicate I swore to expose … and time was running out.

But will our secrets get us killed, or ruin our chance at a happily ever after?

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